Getting Started


Add your name, newspaper and contact information to the NC Press Foundation’s contact list. Email with your information. Find out general and specific ways that NC newspapers work to support education. Network with other Newspaper in Education managers in your state. Attend any North Carolina Newspaper in Education meetings. Network with other newspaper industry professionals who support education initiatives. Become familiar with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Develop print and/or online order forms for teachers to use to obtain newspapers or other services. Use any of the order forms provided here and add details about your program, such as the costs of newspapers and the person who should receive orders. Form 1Form 2Form 3. Sign up for the email distribution list managed by the American Press Institute. To join the listserv and participate in the forum that focuses on youth readership, send an email along with your job title, newspaper and full contact information to Kevin Loker, Use the subject line “Join Forum.”  

Gather information from available resources:

NIE Getting Started Online Training: NIE Management Skills, use naa as password NIE Getting Started, Electronic Editions NIE: Best Practices Tool Kit  

Provide resources on instructional use with and about newspapers

Teaching guides, provided by NC NIE NC Newspaper in Education websites Other Newspaper in Education websites Free NIE material. AND Other resources for educators on news literacy Research on young audiences Support for Newspapers in Education and Other Educational Services  

Read guidelines for educational or school copies (print and online editions) applied by auditing agencies, such as the following:

Alliance for Audited Media—Guidelines for Educational Copies, Print Editions, Part One and Part Two Alliance for Audited Media—Guidelines for Educational Copies, Electronic Editions Certified Audits of Circulation—School Subscriptions   Compiled July 14, 2014